Living Just Enough for Boston

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In the time that I’ve spent as Senior Editor of the Boston Harbor Picayune, I’ve come to know and love the Arts community of the Boston Harbor in a very special way. It’s my great honor to see us at our best and our worst.

Since the bombings I have been acutely aware that it’s my responsibility to put words to our collective voice. I’ve also been alive long enough to know that there are few words that can help.

Now that I’ve let a period of respect pass as we tended to our wounded and fallen, I fear that my silence is not representative of my feelings, and I know that I must speak.

I want to talk to you as a man who has lived a long life and seen a great many good and bad things come to pass in this world. I want to talk to you as a friend with a shared experience of pain. Everything passes, my friends, even the painful images we think we will never forget. The person or people who sought to change us found that bombs will never change us. We may be brutally blunt and abrasive in the coffee line at dunks with each other, but when one of us suffers, we all spring to help. The world now sees a new way to respond to terror. With compassion, and dignity. With restraint and strength. This is how we are becoming known through this awful horror, and in doing so we are still what we always have been.

People have tried to give us the option of freedom or life before, and over two hundred years ago we answered that query by founding the USA. We won’t fail her or founder now.

Nothing has changed. We are still THOSE people. With that in mind, I want to urge you to do a few things.

Don’t run away, run towards the fear. Only then will we be free of those images. Go buy something from a place this weekend. Get out in public.

Never forget that justice and revenge are two different things, and while we should never seek revenge, we owe it to our fallen and our families to insist on justice, and not waver no matter where that quest takes us.

If you see a strange bag in public, remember that YOU are the person that may save lives if you report it. Don’t just walk by.

We must never change our lives or give up our freedoms because a guy with a grudge and a bomb wants us to. We can’t unburden our pain at the expense of the innocent either. This rush to judgement by some papers headed by the absolute inept behavior of CNN’s anchors and their “contacts inside” are not helping our cause.

Just as we got out of the way for the ambulances, we now need to get out of the way of the police and law enforcement officials that are working hard to bring the responsible to justice.

Take the time to do something normal this weekend. Go with the people that you love and cherish and live for the day with them.

Turn off the television. IF they find the bad guys, you will hear about it, don’t worry.

Spend some alone time doing your artwork, and allow yourself to find an internal spiritual answer, not a religious or legal one. Enlightenment is intrinsic to the art process, and you will find your answers there.

As a father or grandfather to this great community, I just want you all to know that we are going to be OK.

I believe in you.

I believe in us.

All the rest will work itself out in good time.

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