Art Advice from the Oracle

Posted on August 10, 2013 by


Just a reminder to everyone that it’s the tax holiday weekend in Massachusetts. It’s a great time to get out there and stock up on some well needed supplies or buy that work you’ve had your eye on.  You can save a bit of cash as you help out the employees of these establishments.

The Commonwealth has had ten of these in the last nine years. The money they make is important to their daily and weekly operating expenses. When these small businesses earn enough during the summer, they lay off less people and cost the state less money.

Simply put… it’s an all around good deal.

Now good deals can be had anywhere, and if a national chain has photography equipment that you need, by all means go get it.

But… If there’s a local art supply shop or art gallery out there that you’ve been putting off a visit to?

Now would be a great time.