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Here’s a great opportunity out there for all the Foodies to jump into learning about home growing your food. It’s a great and rewarding hobby that I have enjoyed from time to time. I am planning my spring garden at present and buying foods locally from farms and farmers’ markets.

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Can you believe it is August already?  For us that means thinking toward fall, shorter days and cooler weather.  Our farmers are already planting brassicas, greens and root vegetables.  If you are planning a fall garden then you should be planting those things too so they have time to mature before autumn arrives.  Microfarm Organic Gardens blogged recently about planting for the fall and winter.  If you aren’t big on starting from seed, you can soon get seedlings from Matt to get a jumpstart on growing your own fall crops.

In exciting culinary news, we are proud to announce a partnership with Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen (Alyssa Goerlick and Andrew Wilen are pictured right) to offer hands on cooking classes at their new cooking school, exclusive to the Atherton Market.  In addition to the classes you can register for at, they will work with you on a private event for your friends or co-workers.  Like them on Facebook, and stay tuned for more news about this exciting adventure.

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