Sitting on the dock of the bay…

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I love your writing style. This is a great post! Awesome blog!

Dianna's Daily Dose

Not exactly… I’m sitting on a rock under a tree at a campground in Gloucester waiting for my sister and her family to return from a local pancake breakfast outing. That’s their thing. They do it every year. There’s a chipmunk chirping at me only ten feet away. And, a gentle and slightly cool breeze carries with it the smell of campfires. Reminds me of youthful summer days spent at overnight camp. It’s quite peaceful and wonderful.

I opted out of the flapjack festivities in order to write in the blog. I also wanted some alone time. So, despite the protestations from my niece, Emma, here I happily sit. There’ll be plenty of Auntie-time on the beach in another hour or two. I wonder how far I can throw that football and how long it will take her to retrieve it? Does that make me a bad person? 😉


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