Welcome Will and Great Conversation

Posted on August 21, 2013 by


We’d like to welcome Will Crockan, the newest member of The Boston Harbor Picayune’s staff, as a contributing columnist.

It’s really great to see Will talking with some of you in the comments of his first column article. The format of the Boston Harbor Picayune functions best when we all interact with each other as much as possible. We love comments and conversation. If you’ve missed the article, you can read it by CLICKING HERE.

Will is a great guy to chat with. He’s a deep thinker with some strong opinions. A well educated man with a sharp wit. Will is one of those people that will always tell you, in the bluntest of terms, what he thinks when he is amused or annoyed and wields his sharp sense of humor to nail his point home.

Blogging and opinion writing today is complex due to the virtual world’s dependency on two things : Authenticity and the new social media boundary system. We understand when people speak from a voice of authenticity.

Life details become extraneous. The bits we choose to reveal are peppered in as examples.

Like a good book, it’s best to not give the whole story away in the first chapter.

But the constant consideration of one’s online identity versus your real world identity make us all admired pen pals.

To be a blogger, you need to understand what you need to be open ABOUT to deliver your message. IF you’re a foodie blog, the most you need is a good camera and a buddy to eat dinner with or trade recipes.

Others who blog about private roads of discovery, like parenting autistic children, need to protect themselves and the people their story is about.

Where is that line?

I don’t have that answer. You really need to decide for yourself.

Because we tread so heavily within the search engine environment, giving too much personal information is unwise.

It’s an unusual expectation. We have to shelter ourselves from spamming, being hacked, having our identities stolen for financially fraudulent theft, and Trolling…  just a FEW considerations we all face.

It can be hard to be both honest and creatively vulnerable as we retain those new social media boundaries.

As artists and bloggers though, that’s what we’ve got to deal with.

I believe history will see us as an extension of the pen pals of yesteryears. We are the ones that reclaimed the idea of sharing just for personal enlightenment and interest in others… but we are doing it within the computer age.

In the future when people wonder… “what were they THINKING!?” they can just Google us to find out.

What an incredible opportunity for us.

Will is one of those people I met online through an old high school buddy of his, our contributing editor, Germano Silveira. I can say that we’ve interacted as online acquaintances for about a year yet have met in person only once when he helped move some couches and boxes of mine into storage. He’s that New England guy that coaches ball during the week and hangs out with buddies drinking a beer or two on the weekend.

Will is the real deal.

I have learned to read his posts scattered here and there and like them.

What is wisdom?

I know that when something reminds me of a comment he made…  if I go back to read his “what were they thinking” stuff months later? His thoughts are just as relevant.

I think in many ways wisdom is just an opinion that stands the test of time. And by that definition, Will is a wise guy.