Beautiful Work – Elizabeth Thomas Photography of Cape Cod

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I’ve had a whole lot of fun this week clicking around the site Elizabeth Thomas Photography of Cape Cod. Beautiful warm pictures of someone who sees the inner beauty of the land of a beloved place.

Elizabeth Thomas’s work takes you to all those moments we have as locals… If only I had my camera.

While I phone cameras make convenient work of sharing life with your Facebook friends, nothing beats the artistic work of a fine photographer with the proper professional cameras and a unique vision.

The underlying style of this work provides enough structure for comfort, but allows the artist to show us how she feels and what she saw from one image to the next.

Shared inspiration is always wonderful. A true artist’s artist.

I have always had creative energy and enjoy the company of artists in every form, free spirits and original thinkers! I love the ocean and could never move away. The water calls to my soul. Always going barefoot, I like the feel of sand in my toes, the wind in my hair and the sun on my face! My mood wanes with the changing of the seasons but my inspiration never does!

Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and beautiful New England scenery has helped to inspire the love I have always had for photography. Being an avid gardener I have a true appreciation for beautiful landscapes, flowers, birds, sunsets and the environment! Travels within the United States and beyond have afforded me opportunities to take some fabulous photos!

You can find Elizabeth Thomas in any of these places:

via Elizabeth Thomas Photography of Cape Cod | About.

No… this is not a paid endorsement. Yes… her artwork is worth buying.