Riddick 3’s Theme Goes Back To The Darkness

Posted on August 22, 2013 by


scifi nerd moment of the day

Riddick 3 in a couple of weeks. Only thing better would be if Sigourney Weaver was in the cast too. Having Katie Sackhoff and karl Urban as the co stars of the film is almost as good.


We got some Galactica, Trek, LOTR, and oh yeah…Riddick. Crash lands on a planet. Big nasty aliens looking mighty geeger- esque to me, and mercs… all hunting for the old fat ass.

The two simplest themes of films one and two but put together without all the pesky plot. Double the violence. Count me in. I know there will be a bit of new story to advance the Whole Furyan thing, but why bother really. It’s just better we don’t even know.

I just hope he gets to blow up a whole planet this time.

Planetary sci fi destruction makes me smile.

Call me dreamer.

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