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I love this story. I’ve been seeing the image peripherally all week as I’ve been working on research for client’s articles.

Suzanne’s Mom’s Blog is the name of a site I’ve been having fun reading through a few items on this week.

It’s a great page, laid out in comfortable magazine format. This is my Saturday morning coffee magazine reading on the laptop.

It’s a beautiful day for sitting on the porch with a warm cup of something, and “catching up”

Check out Suzanne’s Mom’s Blog.

You won’t be disappointed.

The website “This Is Colossal” has a lovely bit on a fish with artistic tendencies.

Japanese photographer Yoji Ookata “obtained his scuba license at the age of 21 and has since spent the last 50 years exploring and documenting his discoveries off the coast of Japan. Recently while on a dive near Amami Oshima at the southern tip of the country, Ookata spotted something he had never encountered before: rippling geometric sand patterns nearly six feet in diameter almost 80 feet below sea level. He soon returned with colleagues and a television crew from the nature program NHK to document the origins what he dubbed the ‘mystery circle.’ …

“The team discovered the artist is a small puffer fish only a few inches in length that swims tirelessly through the day and night to create these vast organic sculptures using the gesture of a single fin.

Read the whole article on Ocean Design by Puffer Fish | Suzanne’s Mom’s Blog.