Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series – Pub Viewing List

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Anyone looking for something to do this afternoon can check out this diving event.

The event close up seats are all sold out, but as luck would have it, this is a large spectacle event, so you can just hang out at a local pub that has a good view for free.

BostInno has a great list published with a full description of the event.

The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series has toured through four European cities this summer, and on Monday, the competition landed in the United States when Colombian athlete Orlando Duque dove 75 feet from a helicopter into the Hudson, with Lady Liberty looking on.

While Duque’s single dive welcomed the series to the US, the competition itself will head north and make its first and only splash in the states this Sunday at Boston’s Fan Pier, with the ICA building serving as a platform 90 feet above the water. The five American divers will begin practice on Friday with the first rounds happening on Saturday. The big event, the Cliff Diving Competition, will be held at Fan Pier on Sunday, August 25, from 2 to 3:30 p.m. Each diver will make the plunge, and their performance will be judged by Greg Louganis, a four-time Olympic Gold Medalist. The award ceremony will follow directly after the competition.

While the previous RBCDWS in Boston were free and open to the public, this year’s event was ticketed in expectation of the large crowds. Tickets were free, but reservations are now sold out. If you didn’t snag a spot, but don’t want to miss the extreme action, you’re not fresh out of luck. Here’s a list of nearby bars where you can view the competition — with a drink in hand, of course.

For a full listing of pubs and their locations follow this jump to the story.  Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series In Boston: Where To Watch | BostInno.

Is it just me or has BostInno been knocking it out of the park lately? BostInno and BostonTweets are the two info resources on Twitter that I can’t do without.

I caught this BostInno article on a BostonTweets tweet.

If you’re on twitter and you want to keep up on daily events, they are both awesome.

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