Empty Your Spam Buffers

Posted on August 26, 2013 by


You have to make sure that you are permanently deleting your spam out of your spam buffers.

Spam works by creating false links between a shady or malicious site with non commercial sites like art blogs.

Keeping a comment by someone in your buffer ought to be a vote of confidence in both directions. Google will interpret it as such and send poor unwitting shoppers to dangerous sites if you let the links stay in there.

You will be held responsible when Google figures out the truth, don’t forget. In the end your blog will be categorized as either intentionally or accidentally participating in a fake linking scheme and people will receive warnings from their security software when they log onto your blog.

That is a bad and nearly irreversible event.

So go to the page that lists all the spam comments and mail and permanently delete all of it.

It will improve your Search Engine traffic and increase your Site’s trust rating across the board.

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