Fall Has Fallen and Our Work Once Again Begins

Posted on November 7, 2013 by


Well the summer tourist season has ended, and I hope everyone has enjoyed the vacation time and had a chance to get some exposure to the travelers visiting our shores.

The summer hiatus of the Boston Harbor Picayune is coming to a close.

As other commitments wane, and we turn back to our work and the joy of the holiday season, I encourage everyone to send me or Germano links to your upcoming shows and events either here in comments or via twitter. You can find our twitter accounts to the bottom right of this site page.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone on the weekends at your openings, and the work that the summer has inspired in the coming shows. We will be publishing weekly and only on the days of the weekends, so you need to give us a week or two notice with dates, times, locations, and some details on your show so that we can let everyone know that may want to attend.

As always, all of you inspire me to be better at my craft, and in the season of Thanksgiving I am grateful for all that you do.

Just a bit of a heads up… Germano is more or less handling most of the music scene, photography and videography. I am focusing on written and fine arts. We will shuffle the info accordingly as you send it, but shows with closer dates ought to be shuffled out accordingly. If you aren’t sure who or where the info should go, send it to both of us to make sure you get heard!

Let’s do this Fall and Winter thing!

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