“New England’s Best” Nominee – Emmett O’Criordain, Fine Arts

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Fine Artist of the Year Nominee, Emmett O’Criordan, comes in solidly for his stellar work focusing on the countryside of New England.

“New England’s Best” Nominee (click here to find the details)

My love of landscape paintings is well known, as is my love for the impressionist artists. it goes without saying, therefore that I naturally love this work.

I am always a bit hesitant to reproduce visual artist work, and so you will need to click through to his page to decide for yourself.

From his site:

Emmett O’Criordain lives and works in New England as a fine artist with a representational style. He works mostly in pastels, using layering and fixatives to gain depth to his still lifes and landscapes. His subject matter is of the trees and fields of New England, their shadows and textures being endlessly fascinating to him. In his still lives, the themes of reflective objects and fruit occur often. Emmett studied art at Manhattanville College, achieving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in just 2 years of accelerated study. His home is shared with his wife, Patricia, who is also his Representative, as well as a Siamese cat named Fiona and a Shetland Sheepdog, Sydney.

Landscapes « Emmett O’Criordain.