“New England’s Best” Awards 2013

Posted on November 16, 2013 by


This holiday season we will be spotlighting the nominees for this years best water blogs and best artists of our region. In the first week of the new year, we will name the 2013 winners.

Bloggers will have four categories:

  1. The Water Award – Life on the Waters of New England
  2. The Shore Award – Life on the Shores of New England
  3. The Urban Award – Life in the Cities of the Coast of New England
  4. The Yankee Foodie Award – The Best Restaurant Review Blog of New England

Individual artists will have five categories:

  1. Fine Artist of the Year
  2. Photographer of the Year
  3. Entertainer of the Year
  4. Film Maker of the Year
  5. Writer of the Year

The “Wicked Pissah” awards.

There will be two categories for the “Wicked Pissah” awards, and when you are nominated for one of the above, you are also nominated for this one as well. This is basically the “Best in Show” awards, so to speak.

  1. Wicked Pissah Blogger
  2. Wicked Pissah Artist

How are the winners of each category chosen?

These awards for excellence in blogging will be decided by you the readers based on how often the nominating article for a site or artist is liked and shared via any online platform. The buttons below each article can be used to share your favorites with your friends, and whomever has the best response within the online community will win the category. The tally will be cumulative, so every share and like on all the social media platforms count, including the likes of fellow bloggers within the WordPress community.

We will try to list one nominee in each category each weekend between now and the end of the year.This will give us seven nominees at the most in each category.

If you would like to nominate a site for the staff to consider, please leave the name in comments below this article. Just remember that nominees are chosen by the editorial staff, so throwing a name in the hat does not automatically qualify you for a nomination!

Good luck everyone!