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Suzanne’s Mom’s Blog – New England’s Best nominee

November 24, 2013


About   Suzanne s Mom s Blog

We are proud to announce Suzanne’s Mom’s Blog as a nominee for 2013’s Urban Award – Life in the Cities of the Coast of New England and Writer of the Year.  The topics are as diverse as Suzanne’s interests in the quote below, and not only does she treat every subject with respect, but she inspires interest in all of […]

Susan Licht and Licht Years – New England’s Best Nominee

November 24, 2013


Licht Years

Earlier this year I said that Susan Licht’s work as a photographer is a cry of beauty in a dark world. I’m sure it is no surprise that she is one of this years nominees in the categories of Photographer of the Year and The Shore Award – Life on the Shores of New England. The best […]

“New England’s Best” Awards 2013

November 16, 2013



This holiday season we will be spotlighting the nominees for this years best water blogs and best artists of our region. In the first week of the new year, we will name the 2013 winners. Bloggers will have four categories: The Water Award – Life on the Waters of New England The Shore Award – […]

The Legendary House of Dallesandro

November 9, 2013


kim and joe

Although no one could have or would have predicted it in the heady halcyon days of Warhol’s Factory, the most resilient and enduring of the “living legends” to arise from the era, Joe Dallesandro, still continues to weather all storms unbent and unbroken. Some would even say that the House of Dallesandro exists and endures […]

This Coming Week at BHP

December 1, 2013



I just wanted to give everyone a bit of a heads up… Because everyone is focused on hearth and home this weekend, we decided that it would be unfair to announce a new set of nominees for the ” New England’s Best” awards. I will be posting various write ups on things to do in […]