“New England’s Best” Nominee – Ross Livermore Band

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Our first Nominee in the Entertainer of the Year category is not one person, but a band. The Ross Livermore Band. One of the great things about performing artists in todays multimedia world is that all I have to do is point and go… THERE… click on that and see what I mean… so

you know…

Click on the YouTube Video and listen to these guys.

“New England’s Best” Nominee (click here to find the details)

From their website:

Since coming together just a few years ago, The Ross Livermore Band has been creating buzz in Boston and gaining momentum along the East Coast. From modest beginnings at open mic nights on the North Shore, to packing some of Boston’s most well-known music halls, RLB has a way of connecting with their audiences that makes fans feel as though they’ve known them for years.

After performing as a solo artist on Massachusetts’ North Shore, lead singer and songwriter Ross Livermore got the band together in 2008. Led by Livermore’s heartfelt and revealing songwriting, RLB’s music is carried by one of Boston’s newest and most impressive rhythm sections – Paul Dumas on drums and Neil Taylor on bass.  Jonathan Bousquet (otherwise known as “Biscuit” to those who know him best) moves listeners with his staggering saxophone solos, and newest addition Andrew Bayardi lends his talents on guitar.

Taking cues from influences like Stevie Wonder, Incubus and Dave Matthews Band, the Ross Livermore Band blends rock, funk and pop to create a profound and energetic sound that gets their fans dancing and hearts stirring.

Click on the image below to visit the band’s website.

ABOUT US « Ross Livermore Band

via ABOUT US « Ross Livermore Band.