New Years Heads up

Posted on January 6, 2014 by


the goods

Sorry everyone for our recent absence.

Due to several deaths in my family I was unable to keep up with our posting schedule. Normally Mr Silveira would have kept the wheels on the bus, but he was caring for an ill family member and was unsure of how I wanted to run the remainder of the years end “best of” nominations.

We are going to take the remaining January weekends to nominate four more rounds of Best of the Year nominees and then during the first week of February we will be announcing the winners.

Sorry our schedule is one month behind, but perhaps now that the holidays are over, we can make sure that all the nominees get equal attention without holiday distractions.

I’m very excited about the nominees so far, and judging by the responses we’ve gotten so far, many of our readers are as well.

We were not able to cover the Polar bear plunge in Southie this year, so if anyone has any shots of that event we would appreciate it and willingly re-blog.

All the best in the year 2014